La Fleur de l’âge: feature film starring Pierre Arditi, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Julie Ferrier. Produced by Gloria Films /Mars Films. Directed by Nick Quinn. Opened in French theatres on May 1st 2013. Went on to be theatrically released in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

Gaspard Dassonville is 63 years old, but enjoys a lifestyle of a man half that age – a well-known television producer, he accumulates thirty-something companions and is intent on ignoring all signs of aging. But old age comes crashing down on him : Gaspard is forced to have his father, who can no longer take care of himself, come and stay with him. An untameable old man, Hubert comes to disturb his son’s contentment with his illusionary youth. The duo is transformed into a trio with the arrival of Zana, an auxiliary nurse with questionable references and an unbridled imagination. Each fascinated in their own way by this unconventional woman, father and son confront and rediscover each other.

La Fleur de l’âge is my first feature-length script to go all the way to the screen. It all began at La Fémis film school in 2009, when I attended their year-long scriptwriting workshop. The film has its flaws but I find it rather charming, and I’m proud of being part of it.

La Fleur de l’âge on IMDb.


2015) De Zielen /The Souls: feature film (treatment stage), co-written with Gerry de Hoogh


De Zielen is a mystery thriller about a Dutch couple, Paul (35) and Julie (31), who go on a short holiday to the Ardennes in Belgium. While they are walking in the mountains, Julie’s foot gets caught in a rabbit trap. This incident leads them to an old, remote farm belonging to Delphine (36) and her elderly father Francis (68). Paul and Julie intend to go back to their cottage, but complications and strange events prevent them from resuming their holiday. While trying to make sense of what is happening, Paul and Julie will turn the farmers’ lives, and their own, upside down.

Producer: Ellen Havenith (PRPL)

2014) Maman part en voyage: feature film (treatment stage)


Marie, 35, has yet to come to terms with motherhood. Yet, she is the prize-winning scriptwriter of “La Famille Dubois”, a cartoon series for toddlers which depicts the life of a perfect little boy and his perfect little family. In writing “La Famille Dubois”, Marie finds refuge from her troubled motherhood – until the day that Alice, the mother from the cartoon, flees the series and steps into the real world because she doesn’t want to be a mother anymore.

Drawings and real people, meandering in each other’s worlds  (take on me, take me on, remember?), revealing the labyrinth of a mother’s inner journey.

– July 2014: “Aide au concept” awarded by the CNC – Centre Nationale de la Cinematographie (France)  

2013) Bubbles: feature film (second draft concluded)


Three handicapped youths set out to open a business. But although help pours in from a society that vows to help its weaker members, their vices, idiosyncrasies and passions drive them to failure.

[The American composer Moondog (above) is akin to this story’s characters :-)]

– 20-24 September 2013: “The Essence of your story” workshop with Miguel Machalski @ Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam

– August 2013: first draft concluded!

– February 2013: “Aide au concept awarded” by the CNC – Centre Nationale de la Cinematographie (France)   

2006 – 2007)  Nortada: feature film (second draft; to be rewritten, someday…). Developed at the Gulbenkian Foundation Scriptwriting Workshop in Lisbon, with Margaret Glover of the London Film School.


© Cindy Sherman

Carla and Susana are more than best friends. They have a symbiotic bond. When the local textile factory shuts down and Susana loses her job as a seamstress, she passionately starts working on the making of Carla’s wedding dress. But their relationship is deeply challenged by Carla’s marriage and by the painful changes brought on the village as a result of the shutdown.

Related activities:

2010 – 2012: Script reader for Emergences – Université d’été du cinéma (workshop for author/directors)

Occasionally: Script translator (Portuguese /French /English /Spanish)